Carer Peer Connect provides opportunities for carers in New South Wales to be linked with each other where they can receive and provide peer support.

Carer Peer Connect is centrally managed by Carers NSW and funded by Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ).

Carers will be able to share information and develop social connections that can be maintained regardless of geographical location. It will also create opportunities for new, face to face groups to be created and give existing groups a platform to continue conversations online.


Carer Peer Connect provides:

  • Online support for carers including access to chat forums which address disability and illness specific issues as well as more general topics, such as health and wellbeing.
  • Online learning modules on a range of a health and wellbeing topics and relevant current information - including Taking Care of Yourself; Taking a Break; Carers and the NDIS; Future Planning for Carers.
  • Opportunities for carers to connect and meet face to face and develop offline networks. This will involve support to face to face carer support groups and group facilitators, as well as open forums in locations across NSW where carers can meet face to face with other carers in their region.
  • Service promotion including programs and services both internal and external to CNSW that may be of benefit to carers. Examples include library and counselling services, information about available training and education, opportunities to participate in CNSW events and educational events with other organisations.


Carer Peer Connect seeks to address the needs of carers that are unmet by other funded programs in New South Wales.


Click here to download the Carer Peer Connect Flyer.

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