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Grief/loss due to the death of the care recipient

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:38 am
by Matt (CPC Admin)
Most, but not all, former carers will feel some grief after the death of the care recipient. This grief can be very intense and overwhelming. Grief is experienced in a very individual way and each person will deal with it in the way that suits them best. Grief is not something that former carers ‘get over’ quickly. It may take them many months or years to adjust to the loss of their loved one. Typical reactions to grief are changes in eating and sleeping habits, withdrawal or a need to be around people, a need to keep busy or, alternatively, a feeling of not wanting to do anything and crying. Guilt and anger are also a normal part of the grieving process and are experienced, in particular, by many carers The grieving process has been described by former carers as like “a big black hole”, “a devastating sense of loss” and that they “muddle through life”.