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We are aiming to run several groups so that many Carers can experience the TLC they deserve! When you attend our 'Caring for Carers TLC Days' you will experience Yoga, Massage, Ayurvedic Cooking Lesson then lunch, followed by a discussion of the importance of Self Care and Self Care methods. Our Choir, Singin' The Blues Away, includes breathing exercises, a singing lesson, choir songs, check-in, journaling, support discussion and more :-)

Type of Carer Group
  • Dementia
  • Intellectual disability
  • Physical disability
  • Autism/ASD/Asperger’s
  • Brain injury
  • Vision impairment or blindness
  • Hearing impairment or deafness
  • Paid professionals or staff caring for someone
  • Family or friends caring for people living with a range of conditions
  • Every type of Carer is welcome to attend my TLC Days: Caring for Carers
Contact details
Please phone - 0424 523 397
Please email - [email protected]
Providing we receive financial assistance to run this program, we aim to offer TLC Days on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. Carers can attend monthly TLC Days, so that each Carer can receive the TLC they deserve.

Our choir meets once a week, on a Wednesday from 10.30am-12noon in Stockton.

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