NSW Carers Awards - Survey


2018 is the ninth year that the NSW Government has awarded the NSW Carers Awards.

The NSW Government wants to find out what people think about the awards and the impact they have had.

We are asking interested people to fill out this survey. We really want to know what you think. The survey asks questions about your awareness of the awards, your views on their impact and your ideas for their future.
The Department of Family and Community Services, which runs the awards, has asked The Insight Partnership, an independent company, to conduct the survey. Your individual answers are anonymous and will only go to The Insight Partnership, who will keep them confidential. If you make any comments which are used in a report, they will not have your name on them. We will do this so you can feel confident to answer honestly. 

The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

If you would prefer to complete this survey over the phone, or if have any questions, please contact Corena Sloper on  0422 379 537.

We would appreciate it if you could complete the survey by Friday 18 January 2019.


Please click here for the link to the survey: