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An online webinar that addresses common issues and considerations for facilitators looking to transition carer support groups to an online environment.  


This training is open to:

  • Service providers and carers who would like to set up an online space for their carer support group


Locations and dates:    

  • new dates to be announced shortly


Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the carer support group


Facilitator Meetup

Carer Peer Connect ran Facilitator Meetups with a specific focus on how the coronavirus and social distancing is impacting on carer support groups. These meetings allowed members to talk openly about how the Coronavirus is affecting their groups and ways to overcome group challenges. 


Coronavirus and the Carer Support Group - 2nd April 2020

The session was attended by group facilitators from Western NSW, Mid North Coast, and South West Sydney. Carer Support Groups represented included general, koori yarning, acquired brain injury, mental illness and aged care support.

Topics included:

  • A group that met for the first time online (using messenger)
  • How to set up a Zoom account
  • The importance of teaching seniors to text
  • Providing iPads (installed with apps) to the homes of seniors 
  • Concern that the decrease in services to the home is reducing social contact for carers

Click here to watch the session (52min)


Coronavirus and the Carer Support Group - 7th April 2020

"We have to remember that we are not 'working from home' but we are doing our best to provide support during a pandemic."

In this session we explore personal reflections on facilitating carer support during the social isolation related to Coronavirus (Covid-19). 

Click here to watch the session (56min)



Transitioning to an online carer support group

Meeting online with Zoom

Zoom is an online meeting platform (like Skype and Facetime) which enables you to connect with others over the internet.  You will be able to use a computer or mobile device to access the meeting. The advantage of Zoom is that only the organiser of the scheduled meetings will need to create an account, invited guests do not need a Zoom account to join a meeting. 


Zoom YouTube link

Many questions have been asked about running Zoom Meetings. In this video I discuss the benefits of running a Zoom meeting and demonstrate how to set up an account.

Click here to watch (10min)



Zoom provides a comprehensive list of tutorials to help you get starting running Zoom meetings.  

Tutorials include:

  • Join a meeting
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Scheduling a Zoom Webinar
  • Breakout rooms
  • Sharing your screen
  • Recording a session

Click here to access the Zoom Tutorials.


Additional Tutorials 

How to use Zoom Conferencing - click here to read

How to use Zoom for Remote and Online learning - click here to watch

How to use Breakout Rooms in Zoom - click here to watch 


Monthly Facilitator Meetup - video link-up

The Carer Peer Connect program runs monthly video-meetings for facilitators of carer support groups. These video-meetings have allowed members to talk openly about the facilitation of their groups and discuss ways to overcome group challenges. The peer support from other carer support group facilitators connects participants from all corners of the state, from Albury and Wagga, to Dubbo and Broken Hill, and up to Tweed Heads.

Each meeting contains an educational component with a new theme each month. 

Facilitator tele-meetings provide opportunities for:

  • Sharing of new Carer Peer Connect network information.
  • Discussing and brainstorming ideas to overcome group challenges.
  • Support group facilitator debriefing.
  • Support group promotion and networking.
  • Peer support from other carers support group facilitators around NSW.


Upcoming Dates

  • 10am - 11am    Fourth Tuesday of the month.


Upcoming Themes (2020)

February 25th - Attracting membersclick here to watch videos of the session

March 24th - Managing diverse personalities - click here to watch videos of the session

April 28th - Promoting a carer support group

May 26th - Dealing with conflict in the group

June 23rd - Conducting a Needs Analysis

July 28th - Facilitator burnout

August 25th - Self-care for facilitators

September 22nd - Essential characteristics of an effective carer support group

October 27th - Evaluating a groups aims and objectives

November 24th - 5 stages of group development


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