Why an online peer to peer support program for carers in NSW?

While face-to-face peer support is shown to be beneficial to carers, it is not always possible for carers to attend a group in person due to the demands of their caring role, their geographic location and/or other commitments such as paid work and their preference. For some individuals on-line can also be a way of accessing support while remaining anonymous.  In addition, many carer support group facilitators (who are often also carers), struggle to meet the demands of running a carer support group, maintaining group numbers and ensuring the group’s overall sustainability.

Carer Peer Connect looks at meeting the need for a network of carers across NSW. This network will be a peer support resource that will connect carers with each other.


What is the benefit of a peer to peer support program?

Internet-based support services are valuable resources for carers, who increasingly access information online about the illness or disability of the person they care for. A peer to peer support program enables carers a space to openly discuss their caring situation and have some ‘time out’ from caring. By engaging with Carer Peer Connect, carers will be empowered to reach out to carer peers for advice and support through a variety of forms. Carers who are unable to attend physical groups or cannot regularly attend their group will be given a medium to continue engagement with a particular group or seek out groups of carers with similar experiences.


Carer Peer Connect Flyer

Click here to download the Carer Peer Connect Flyer.

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